You and your students can help support PETA's efforts to provide lonely "backyard dogs" with doghouses by participating in TeachKind's "Change for Chained Dogs" fundraiser. We've got everything you need to get started—so order your FREE action pack today!

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Alternatives to DissectionAlternatives to Dissection

Welcome to TeachKind

TeachKind, the humane-education division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a resource for teachers, administrators, and librarians who want to help students become kinder, more compassionate individuals. On this site, you'll find a wealth of materials that have been designed exclusively for caring and dedicated educators like you. You can download free lesson plans or order free books, posters, leaflets, stickers, videos, and other resources. And if you need further information or ideas or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Alternatives to DissectionAlternatives to Dissection
Looking for effective and humane alternatives to animal dissection for your science class? TeachKind has got you covered!
Lessons for Women's History MonthLessons for Women's History Month
Celebrate Women's History Month using TeachKind's free lessons, which focus on two women who are authoritative leaders in literature and science and also compassionate animal advocates.
Host a 'Change for Chained Dogs' Fundraiser at Your SchoolHost a 'Change for Chained Dogs' Fundraiser at Your School
Start a "Change for Chained Dogs" fundraiser at your school to raise money to help chained "backyard dogs" and teach your students to take action for animals!
Six Easy Ways to Celebrate a Kind Holiday in Your ClassroomsSix Easy Ways to Celebrate a Kind Holiday in Your Classroom
Wrap up the semester and kick off winter break with these fun, easy ways to bring animal rights into your classroom holiday-style!
Lessons for Spreading Holiday HappinessLessons for Spreading Holiday Happiness
The holidays are a time for kindness—and it's important to extend that kindness to animals! Use this lesson plan to teach students to show goodwill to all beings this holiday season.
TeachKind Mission: Get Vegan Creamer in Your Teacher's Lounge!TeachKind Mission: Get Vegan Creamer in Your Teacher's Lounge!
Help animals, win free PETA merch, and share something nice with your fellow teachers! TeachKind's new mission is a win, win, win.
ENTER TO WIN: TeachKind's 'Cut Out Dissection' Poster Contest!ENTER TO WIN: TeachKind's 'Cut Out Dissection' Poster Contest!
Is your classroom or school ready to leave animal dissection behind? Enter the 'Cut Out Dissection' contest for a chance to win FREE virtual dissection software!
TeachKind Mission: Start a Classroom 'It' Jar!TeachKind Mission: Start a Classroom 'It' Jar!
Animals are thinking, feeling beings—NOT objects! This fun activity will encourage your students to think twice before calling an animal "it."
Teacher Spotlight: Meet Adora NegronTeacher Spotlight: Meet Adora Negron
For our first Teacher Spotlight, we're highlighting the work of Adora, a humane educator from Puerto Rico. Learn more about her inspiring work for animals!
Cruelty-Free Classroom Cleaning SuppliesCruelty-Free Classroom Cleaning Supplies
Keep your classroom squeaky clean AND animal-friendly with TeachKind's favorite cruelty-free classroom cleaning supplies!
Say NO to Class 'Pets'Say NO to Class 'Pets'
Thinking about getting a classroom "pet"? Think again! Get the facts about why animals don't belong in the classroom.
Compassionate Summer Reading for Your StudentsCompassionate Summer Reading for Your Students
Assigning your students a summer reading list? Check out some of TeachKind's suggestions for animal-friendly books to include
TeachKind's Teacher Appreciation Contest: We Have a Winner!TeachKind's Teacher Appreciation Contest: We Have a Winner!
Meet the inspiring teachers we're recognizing for showing compassion to animals this school year in TeachKind's Teacher Appreciation contest!
Free Virtual Dissection for Your SchoolFree Virtual Dissection for Your School
Learn how your school can receive a free alternative to dissection for use in science classrooms!
Hold a 'Change for Chained Dogs' Fundraiser at Your School!Hold a 'Change for Chained Dogs' Fundraiser at Your School!
With winter setting in, countless chained "backyard" dogs will soon be struggling to survive outside in the freezing cold. With your help, TeachKind can build and deliver sturdy doghouses filled with straw to these lonely dogs. Sign your school up for Change for Chained Dogs to raise money for these dogs and teach students compassion!
Free Curriculum Kit: Share the World: Everyone MattersFree Curriculum Kit:
Share the World: Everyone Matters

(Ages 7-10)
Share the World is designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world. The program promotes compassion and empathy for animals while allowing students to practice their reading, writing, and math skills.
Free Curriculum Kit on Social Justice MovementsFree Curriculum Kit on Social Justice Movements
(Ages 11-18)
Just Choices is an intriguing, contemporary curriculum that captures students' attention as they learn about social justice movements. Complete with a video, teachers' guide, activity sheets, and poster, Just Choices will get your students to think critically while they have fun.
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