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Elementary Lesson Plans

“Where Do Eggs Come From?” Lesson
"Choices Cards" Activity
Suggested Activities and Essays for Elementary and Middle School
Nutrition Lessons
Kind Student Award - for students who display outstanding compassion for animals. Print and sign.
Suggested Humane Science Projects for Elementary and Middle School
Conflict Resolution Reproducible Activity Sheet for Elementary and Middle School
Elephants: Reading List for Elementary School
Amazing Elephants Lesson Plans for Elementary and Middle School
Pig Lesson Plan for Elementary School
César Chávez: Lessons in Compassion
Share the World
Citizenship Skills Lesson in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Lessons for Black History Month
“The Lives of Animals: A List of Books for Children”
Lessons for Holiday Happiness
Lessons for a Humane Thanksgiving
"My Friends at the Farm" Video and Curriculum

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