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Information for Librarians

If you are a librarian, this section is for you! Although most of our site is relevant to your needs, you will find the information in this section particularly useful. As the American Library Association says, "Libraries bring you the world!" TeachKind wants to help you do just that by ensuring that you provide visitors with all the most current, well-researched information on helping animals.

Free Books for Libraries

We encourage librarians to order the books found in our free materials section and add them to their collections. Please e-mail us at and specify which of the free books and materials you would like.


Many libraries have display cases in which they can showcase books, videos, and other resources that highlight various issues. Because we want to help youngsters learn about animals, we are happy to send your library kid-friendly materials—including photographs, posters, and information about animals' lives—for use in display cases. We can help you create a display about companion animals, vegetarianism, animals used in experimentation, circuses, zoos, animals killed for their skins, or a range of other topics. Please contact us and let us know what type of display you are interested in.

TeachKind's Circus Program

Circus Activity BookletLibrarians are in a position to provide children with the tools that they need to make informed decisions guided by compassion and conviction. Circus promoters aggressively target libraries, enticing them with free or discounted tickets in exchange for agreeing to distribute promotional information. We would like to offer your library the opportunity to educate children about the lives of exotic animals in their natural habitats and about the difficulties that they face in captivity. TeachKind's "Circus Activity Booklet" is an educational activity resource designed to teach children to respect all animals. It includes a word search, a crossword puzzle, a comic strip, and a poster. To order these free booklets in bulk to distribute at your library, please e-mail us at

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